About Us - A Little History

Welcome To Your Pantry! 

Welcome to New Life Pantry!!!!

Grand Opening June 23, 2019

The First Year 

New Life Pantry (NLP) is the result of divine blessings on a desire to provide a service which would enhance the assets of our neighbors in the North Birmingham community. After identifying community assets and goals, we chose to initially focus on the provision of basic necessities like food and baby diapers. Additional services will be added as resources and skill sets are identified.

June 23, 2020 marked our 1st year anniversary. The year began with the provision of food to 92 families. The year ended with May 2020 as the busiest month with 1799 households (4587 individuals). Praise God! 

What Hath God Wrought?

So many amazing things transpired in the first year due to our almighty and loving God!!!  

  • 0: times we ran out of food
  • 2: agency partners 
  • 5: assistance types provided - food, clothes, baby diapers, household items, personal care items
  • 1000's: new friends
  • 2134: volunteer hours
  • 9297: persons assisted
  • $54,267.62: value of volunteer hours

Audrey Norman (Mgr) Pr. Micah Weech (Board Chair)

Grand Opening June 23, 2019

Why Choose Us

Fresh Foods

There is nothing quite like ripe tomatoes, crisp bell peppers, crunchy apples, and juicy oranges! We really try to have fruits  vegetables, and frozen meats available every distribution day.

No Cashier

The assistance provided is at no cost to the public so we do not have a cashier! The cost is paid by those who donate time, goods, skills, and money.


The volunteers really enjoy interacting with the "pantry family." Our true aim is to serve the same way Jesus did - with heart, hands, and feet. If we miss the mark, let us know so we can apologize and improve.


When you see the term "pantry family" we are referring to everyone in the pantry's realm of influence - pantry participants, volunteers, donors, agency partners, funding organizations, vendors, etc. So, guess that makes you part of the "pantry family!"

Diapers for Babies

Baby diapers are available to families experiencing food insecurity. The main source of diapers is Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank, one of our agency partners.


Prayers are offered regularly for God's blessings on the "pantry family", food order, preparations for distribution,  distribution, donors, and funds.